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travelling songs

It’s time for my first dreaded list post! But let’s all be honest, they’re nice and easy for me to write, I get to listen to some awesome music while doing it and I’m a big advocate of spreading the power of music and especially the diversity of sound that is out there. So without me waffling on about how much music transcends everything we do or that a song can only be good if less than 65 people have heard it, let’s get straight to it, so in no particular order…

1. Antarctigo Vespucci – Don’t Die In Yr Hometown


An indie rock band featuring Jeff Rosenstock from Bomb The Music Industry. This song has been on repeat for the last 3 days and I can’t get enough of it. I am a sucker for powerful poppy punk with banging chorus’s and so this easily jumps straight into the list. Definitely worth checking out the entire album.  




2. The Smith Street Band – I Love Life


These Australian punk rockers were my staple go to while living out in Oz. Will Wagner, the lead singer, brings an element of poetry to his music and this song is an uplifting and heartfelt ode to just loving life. This is definitely in contrast to some of the other songs he has written as he’s not ashamed to admit that he’s suffered from depression and writing powerful and sometimes intense lyrics helps his condition. Get through the beginning and his initial shouty vocals and enjoy easily one of my favourite songs of all time. Seriously….keep with it



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3. Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun


No travellers playlist could be complete without one song from 2008 hit film Into The Wild. The film that inspired thousands of people to pack their bags and head off into the unknown. The whole album itself is very beautiful, just like the film, but my favourite song has to be Hard Sun because of the personal experiences I have had while listening to it; specifically being at the back of a bus in Vietnam, laying down on a bed (in a bus!) next to an open window and listening to that song on repeat whilst driving through the mountainous region of Dalat. Stunning.



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4. The JB Conspiracy – Taking Flight


JB Conspiracy have occupied my 2nd favourite band space of all time since my early days of getting into my ska and punk (Streetlight Manifesto will forever hold number 1). This horn infused banger got rinsed hard while I was out living in Australia and the brass section in the middle remains one of my favourite bits of music of all time. I have lost count to the amount of times I have closed my eyes and inhaled this song and I even have a special dance that goes on in my head which is inspired by the music video.



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5. The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight


I haven’t yet had the experience of travelling whilst listening to this classic, but it’s going to be my first port of call. One of my all time favourite things to do is to get a window seat on a journey, whether that’s a plane, car, train or bus, and stare out of the window with my headphones blaring . This song is dead certain to get my travelling juices flowing when that journey inevitably comes along. Calming and peaceful to begin with, then the tempo really kicks in; not a bad music video as well! 



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6. Frank Turner – I Am Disappeared


My song of choice when I set out on my 2012 trip to India. A folky punk singer-songwriter that some of my friends absolutely detest. As for me he sums up a lot about what I feel about a range of different topics, travelling being one of them. The chorus for this song is the real reason I constantly had it on repeat; I was planning my India trip for over a year and I knew that this would be the song that I would be listening to as I boarded that plane and set off for my biggest adventure to date. It has a semi sad feel to it but I always try and find the positives and the idea that ‘I could get up, shower and in half an hour and be gone’ really resonated with me.



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7. Frank Turner – Jet Lag


My friends are going to be really pissed. Another Frank Turner song in my top 10! I remember listening to this song when living in Goa, India, after a few drinks on the beach, I was crying with both joy and happiness if I can recall it properly. I love the adventures I have had but I do wish that I got to experience more of them with my closest friends. Travelling can be really lonely sometimes, especially when you’re a thousand miles away from anyone who actually knows you properly. One of the things I have learnt over the years is that travelling isn’t for everyone. I can totally understand that the idea of flying across the world to strange countries and places without no backup of friends or loved ones close by really could be daunting to many. For me, it really felt like I had no choice.



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8. Boy – Drive Darling


I randomly stumbled upon Boy when browsing Reddit one evening. The post was a video of one of the lead singers forgetting her lines because she was overwhelmed by the fact that people in a different country knew all the words to one of their songs; And I have never looked back since. I absolutely adore both albums and I really can’t recommend them enough. If you’re into female fronted pop duo bands then seriously consider not just listening to this song but to both of their albums and their acoustic sessions. In fact, just listen to them regardless of your tastes, you may be surprised! 



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9. Fidlar – West Coast


Easily a top ten track of mine in 2016. This fast paced, skate-punk-rock anthem just makes me want to learn to drive, rent an open top Cadillac and cruise down Route 66 with this song blasting on repeat. You can easily see why a huge range of their music has appeared on games and TV shows; energetic, youthful and surprisingly accessible. 



You Know The Drill


10. Worakls – Bleu


My playlist couldn’t be complete without a touch of electronica. I kept myself away from the genre for far too long but now I can’t get enough of those chilled-out-deep-house vibes. I’ve found this type of music absolutely perfect for those long hours grinding away at poker without getting too distracted and so would feel totally lost without a similar playlist for those arduous 36 hour train journeys!



Stream it over at Soundcloud


And that’s my first bunch of travelling songs for your listening pleasure. No doubt there are plenty of other tunes that I either forgot about or couldn’t quite fit it. I’ll have to save them for another post later in the year. What are you favourite travelling tunes? I am always open to listening to brand new music so would love to hear your thoughts


The amazon links above are affiliate links, I receive a small portion if you decided to buy an album after clicking those links…nice one!  


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