Monthly Roundup – September 2017


It seems to be a running theme on my poker journey that I just love to make things hard on myself. The start of this month was no exception. After 3 months away from the tables I made a silly decision to not just change 1 thing, but a whole host of things. And it spectacularly backfired on me.


Before I dive into what I did wrong, let me just mention that I am overwhelming excited to be back playing poker. The little hiccup that occurred this month is just another notch of knowledge that I can learn from, build on, and make sure I never do again.


So what exactly did I do that screwed me up?


Switched from Pokerstars to PartyPoker.


This isn’t inherently a bad move, in fact it was the sensible option considering Pokerstars loyalty system has changed dramatically over the last few months. But playing on new software, and focusing on trying to complete the 100% deposit bonus, really did backfire. The reasons for joining PartyPoker lays mainly with their rakeback system. The more poker I play, the more money I receive back from the rake that is taken from every pot I am involved in. Unlike Pokerstars new system where it’s all treasure chests and bonuses based on a lottery, Party is very streamlined and you can predict roughly how much rakeback you will receive every month.


 Switched from 9 – man to 6 max


3 player less may not seem like much but blimey does it make a difference. Less people = more hands an hour and therefore some of the variance involved can be pretty brutal. During some of my downswing this month the variance I witnessed felt unreal. So when you mix bad variance and playing badly, it creates a terrible concoction that can be hard to recover from. And recover from I nearly didn’t do.


Focusing on the 100% deposit bonus/Zoom Poker


I have the opportunity to turn my £250 that I deposited into £500 just by playing a lot of poker. Sadly my focus on simply volume made me really slack with actually just trying to play decent, solid poker. With me trying to get through as much of the bonus that I could, I dived straight into zoom poker and not just 1 or 2 tables. But 3 bloody tables! That amount to something like 750-1000 hands an hour. This was a catastrophic error that nearly cost me my entire bankroll.


So having said all that. My bankroll went from £250 to, at one point, £10. I was literally down to my last 2 buy ins and it was a very testing time for me. Now I have to say that I certainly did play badly. Focusing solely on volume was a massive mistake and something I will be sure not to do in the future. My runbad also added into that cocktail which saw me lose flip after flip and running into the top of people’s ranges. It was tough. But I left my ego at the door, I moved down to 5nl tables and I just focused on not only making sure I was playing, but making sure I was thinking in every single spot. It might take me a while to work back up to 25nl, but I am sure that that time will come.


So what happens now?        


I will use this experience to work even harder than before and make sure that I understand that I am in this for the long haul. There is no point me trying to rush playing 3 tables of zoom if I am not focusing on every decision and trying to be the professional that I aspire to be.


I will also use this experience to relish in my inevitable success. That may sound like a bold, somewhat cocky statement. And it’s meant to be. All I am thinking about is when I am chilling on an Indian beach next summer playing poker, I will look back at the time that I was down to 2 buy ins and think to myself that I worked my way up from their.


It’s that feeling that strives me forward. That keeps me playing and working every single day.


There simply is no rushing if you want to succeed at poker.


In Other News


  • I’ve started a new job in order to pay for my travels to America (Vegas!!!!) in January and India in the Summer. This involves me working 40 hours a week at my normal job whilst playing 1500 hands daily of poker (roughly 3 hours). This doesn’t include off table study so I’m easily doing 60+ hour working weeks nowadays. A far cry from the last 2 years!
  • I’m also making a mini ‘career’ from matched betting. This is simply using bonus offers and promotions at a number of bookmakers to guarantee profit. Hilariously this is a much more stable income than poker but I am not expecting for it to last forever. It’s very simple and therefore doesn’t exactly test my brain like poker does. However I do expect to earn around £1000-£2000 from it before heading off to Vegas. (So make my working work 70+ hours with match betting)
  • As you can guess I really have no time to do much writing. Doing this monthly roundup was a bit of a chore but I do still want to continue with it. We will just see how it goes. Can I really be bothered to write blog posts about my trip to Italy? I’m really not sure.
  • I am also researching Bitcoin and alternative coins. This has been a bit slower than anticipated due to the fact that I really do not have much time on my hands anymore.
  • VEGAS!!!!!! Happy 30th bday to me! Coming January 2018!   
  • Current Bankroll: £35


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