Monthly Roundup – October 2017

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I can start to really feel it now. After what seems like endless ups and downs, false starts and broken promises to myself, I am beginning to become the poker player I want to be.


Calm. Collective. Logical.


At least sometimes anyway.


This is not to say that October went smoothly and I started raking in the cash. Far from it. I got myself a job. I quit my job. I promised myself to play 50,000 hands. I played just shy of 28,000.


And according to Holdem Manager I made a whopping $20!



But everything behind all those things are beginning to take shape. The way I think through hands, the way I deal with bad beats, the way I’m starting to understand EV more and more.


In essence, I feel like I have shed off a huge amount of amateurish poker jargon and I now am truly delving into what it will take for me to make it as a professional in this game.


Even at its lowest stakes.


And it’s about bloody time!



As always I am still striving for the modest goal of $400 a month. Enough to get by in India. And I am extremely excited to finally be edging closer to the stakes where I should never have left. $10nl looms ever closer.


But as I said last month, when I was down to literally my finally $10. I wanted to look back on that and think to myself that I made it from the bottom.


And so now I sit proudly on $160 (I made $20 from hands, completed goals and achieved some rakeback to get myself over the $100 mark + I played some hands in November) My goal is to take shots at 10nl when I reach $200. If everything goes smoothly then that should be within a relatively close timeframe.


Yet again you never know with poker.  


And so that wraps up another Monthly Roundup. As you can tell my writing has completely stopped and I shan’t be doing anything other than the Monthly Roundup for the foreseeable future. The passion just simple isn’t there!   


But as for poker, and certain other things I’m getting into, the passion is large and ambundant!


Until next month!


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