Monthly Roundup – May 2017

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So this will be my last post for a couple of months or so while I’m out and about cycling to Italy. Obviously as a blog called Poker Vagabond it should be natural that I actually update you guys as I go along, but without a laptop and certainly no desire to write anything on my little tablet then I think it’s for the best that I just focus on enjoying my trip, and my poker, all without the hassle of trying to update you folks through blog posts. If you want a decent stream of updates then be sure to check out my Instragram which I hope to update regularly (certainly no promises though).


But back to this month and what an interesting month it was. For the first 2 weeks it felt like I really couldn’t catch a break. Hand after hand, day after day, was another losing session and it did eventually wind up with me smashing my lamp against the wall and splitting my door with an almighty punch. But that was just the peak of my anger and it really didn’t reflect what I thought about the month as a whole.


It was probably my best yet.


Portable Poker


I know enough about poker by now to really not focus too much on those pesky results. They can be increasingly misleading and so the only thing to really concentrate on is playing the best that you possibly can and that especially applies when it feels nye on impossible to win a single hand let alone trying to come out on top after 50,000 of them.


But my previous 2 months of positive results had shown me that finally my hard work was starting to pay off. It wasn’t just the results that were starting to change but my overall play. For example, I specifically remember firing a triple barrel bluff on a relatively dry board with AKs, the villain ended up turning over a flopped set, a $50 pot lost in a flash. But it was my thought process that led me to even contemplate that firing a triple barrel bluff would be even remotely +ev in the long run. Now while I certainly could be wrong about my thought process during that hand, it was certainly a step away from my normal conservative style of play and is another step in the right direction.


So after my 2 weeks of losses the tide finally turned, as I knew it eventually would. Within the space of a few days I had not only clawed back the -$300 I had found myself in but had in fact ran my roll up by another $200+. My knowledge of how these swings work has certainly helped me deal with the tilt that can occur when on a bad downswing and is setting me up nicely for the future.


And speaking of the future. Fuck am I excited about mine. And it’s all because of that beautiful game of poker. So I am nearly 95% sure I can make this poker thing work around the world. I have travelled enough to know how cheap you can live, and I’ve played enough poker to know that I have what it takes to beat the game. And so it now all boils down to the thing I always need to have, my next plan.


cycle to europe

Making Cycling Look Sexy


So my last one has kind of backfired as I have failed to be earning anywhere near enough to be able to travel whilst playing poker, or should I say, poker paying for my travels. And that’s fine. It’s only a matter of time before that can become a reality. I just need a little stop gap to get me on my way. So my next plan is an incredibly simple one.


Get a shitty job.


Earn some bankable money.


Fuck off to India.


Play poker.


See what happens.


Now the place may indeed change, and even the form of travel (let’s see how this Italy trip goes first)  but the plan remains as simple as any of my previous. The only really difference will be my wholehearted dedication to the game.   


But for now I have that small adventure of heading over to Italy on 2 wheels. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit apprehensive. I normally have some weird feeling that every trip I take will be my last but this time that ‘fear’ just seems that tiny little bit more real. Cycling across Europe, on the opposite side of the road, does come with the inherent danger of those ten-ton death machines we call cars. Here’s hoping we can all stay out of each other’s way!


Catch you guys on the other side


Important Info For May

  • Small profit of about $25 plus about another $120 through star coins
  • Cashed out my Pokerstars coins and anything over $1000 for about £350 which was added to my Italy fund
  • Have loaded my tablet with a range of poker instructional videos and books to indulge in whilst away
  • I have added the Pokerstars app to my phone and tablet and will try and play as much as possible. Due to not having a portable Holdem Manager app I will adjust by treating every opponent as an unknown


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