The Monthly Roundup – January + February



So I’ll admit it myself and tell you that I can be a lazy sod sometimes. With my whole 30th birthday shindig, America and not to mention a pretty terrible start to year, poker results wise, I decided to chill out from updating this and just enjoy my time away.


But now I’m back and am ready to dive straight back into things.


So what exactly is my plan regarding this year and my poker ambitions?


To put it simply,


They haven’t changed in the slightest.




Some of you may know that I have always planned to head over to India to live and work for a few months or a year. This is now my complete focus.


The Europe cycling trip is over, America has been conquered and now I can get back to my original- original plan from the start. Go somewhere cheap, play poker, see what happens.


That is that boiled down to its simplest form.




Now with poker not bringing home the bacon like I would have hoped I have turned my attention to other sources of income. This is where match betting comes in and is how I funded my recent trip to the states. It’s basically aimless gambling, but with actual positive expected value in the long run, so I guess it’s not quite so aimless. Either way, I can start to call myself a professional gambler even if any old Tom, Dick or Harry can start match betting tomorrow and not be too far behind me in terms of ‘skill’.  This is generally where I will spend my afternoons and evenings during the week and spend nearly all day doing at the weekends. 




You can’t go online nowadays and not hear something about cryptocurrency, whether it’s people taking out huge loans and betting their house on it or the market crashing and everyone losing all their life savings. I, like many people, got my ears pricked up around November time when huge gains were made across all coins and bitcoin was the buzzword going around. Now things have died down a bit but I am investing heavily (I am aiming to put 30% of my monthly match betting income into cryptocurrencies) in not only buying bitcoin, and maybe some altcoins that interest me, but more importantly, reading up on everything I can get my hands on surrounding the currency and the technology behind it. How bitcoins and cryptocurrency fairs in the long run is anyone’s guess but I want to position myself in the best possible way and that is with knowledge, facts and understanding. I am also about to start studying trading and it is obvious to anyone that plays poker that there are huge similarities with trading so I am quite excited in learning a new skill that could potentionally earn me an income.




So how much time am I going to dedicate to poker if I have all these other things going on? And the answer is around 1500 hands a day, 6 days a week, plus added bits of study. I am not overloading myself with huge goals that I can’t achieve and I am still in this for the long haul so I have time on my side. Getting poker coaching is also my next port of call but for that to happen I have to raise about £1000 in order for me to get around 6 months worth of coaching, which coincidentally is exactly the time I plan on flying out of Norwich and to beautiful India.


Overall I’m pretty excited, and obviously nervous, about what the future holds but at least I have my next plan in place and won’t be staying put in Norwich for too much longer.


I may also write a little piece about my time in the states soon, sadly I didn’t take any photos because my camera is shit but I’ll hassle my friends and steal some of theirs.


See you next time!


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