February 2016

march roundup


The best way to describe this month is by viewing it as a roller-coaster ride, but in reverse. The drop was instant and brutal, then came the steady flow where my body and mind adjusted to what had just happened, followed by the climb to the top where I’m praying the drop never arrives.



A lot of time and effort went into this annotation*


This month had it all. What started as a really brutal lesson; Glasses were smashed, obscenities were wailed, and tears were very nearly shed. Then came the calm; I managed to find my flow, emotions went into the background, and good decision making began to take hold. THEN BOOM! On the final day of the month variance (the ‘luck’ factor) decided to be my best friend; Flushes were made and full houses came raining down. My A game also decided to show itself, with the pick of the bunch being a check back with the second nuts (The nuts is the best hand possible) knowing my opponent would only call holding the nuts, a hand in which he ended up showing me. The timing could not have been better.



It’s days like these that are wonderful to behold


I also have to mention that a couple of big things occurred during the month that put me off my game, so to speak. The first being that I turned pretty damn old this month, 28. This obviously turned into a couple of celebrations and a lack of focus on my part. The second was that a close friend of mine, Annika, came over to stay for a little over 2 weeks. I had started off our time being dedicated not to let her stay completely affect my poker routine, getting the hours in early and then we have time to relax in the afternoon. All was going well and good, and then the birthday week hit. It would be of no surprise to anyone to hear that early morning yoga followed by poker turned into early morning stay-in-bed-and-cuddle followed by pokeMON. 40+ episodes later and 15 hours spent playing the wonderful game wasn’t exactly the way to achieve my poker dreams, but it was my birthday, I had a lady friend over, and I enjoyed it. This brings me neatly onto the major point I learnt this month.


I have to take responsibility. Me and only me.


I could have easily been committed and dedicated of making sure I got a decent amount of poker playing in, EVEN if it was my birthday and I had a lady friend come stay with me. It was my choice to become lazy and it was my choice to become unfocused. And that’s fine. What’s more important is how to respond to that lack of focus.


March. Let’s go again.


A small triumph


End of Month Stats

Total Hands: 31,604

Net Won USD: -$64.59

StarCoin Purchase: $100 for 10,000 StarCoins

Biggest Winner: $15.50 with A2 suited on a 2Q298 board

Biggest Loser: $13.41 with AKs on a 23AA4 board.



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