Monthly Roundup – August 2018

poker bankroll


In my line of work your outlook can change dramatically from day to day. One minute you’re 10 buy ins up and flying high, the next you’re 10 buys in down and can feel the world closing in around you.


The reason why this month became so difficult is that I don’t just have one job, I have 2. One pays poorly but is my love and my ultimate challenge. That’s the poker.


My second job pays pretty well (if all goes smoothly) but is relatively mundane and it’s a job anyone can start doing at a drop of a hat. That’s the match betting.


poker and match betting

Some Match Betting Losses


The thing that combines these two jobs is that classic idea that I always come back to, expected value (or EV for short). Everything I do should have a positive expected monetary value in the long run, but you have to learn to ride the short term, which certainly isn’t always positive. Think of it in terms as if you had invested in Bitcoin in 2008. Sure you would be super rich had you invested, but could you have dealt with the 90% drops in value along the way? That would have been mentally terrifying to say the least. 


My income fluctuates from day to day, month to month. Sometimes I’ll have a really good month and hit my monthly goal in the first 2 weeks (god I loved the World Cup) or I’ll have a month like this one where it starts off pretty poorly and doesn’t seem to get much better.


At least not at the start.


The thing about this month was that both jobs were going in the wrong direction, at the same time. It was pretty brutal to say the least. And that certainly won’t be the last downswing that both of my jobs will suffer. Even today I did a casino offer for my match betting work and started off the month with a lovely -£100 within the first couple of hours.


poker graph

It started so well…


But I did say that it didn’t start too great, I haven’t mentioned how it ended.  




Just as both jobs floundered during certain points in the month, they both ended strongly towards the home stretch. Infact my poker took on a whole new lease of life thanks to Charlie Carrols recent youtube microstakes grinding videos. Those videos were a real kick up the backside to how I approached my poker and what I wanted to achieve in my career.


The fact is the money is better, currently, in match betting but poker could potentially earn me a lot more. More importantly, poker is the challenge. It’s the game I have loved since high school and the game I have not grown bored of even after playing well over a million a hands. Knowing the amount of hard work and long grinds would all be worth it if I can honestly and truthfully call myself a professional poker player, even on the most basic of levels. I want to look back on my life and say that I actually achieved what most people can only dream of.


Poker is now my priority, regardless of money.   


So what did I do differently towards the end of the month? The big thing was the amount of hands. I used to skulk along doing 2000 hands a day, which isn’t a lot playing zoom poker. Towards the end I was putting in around 4000+ hands , with one day putting in an enormous 6000 hands in a matter of hours. Then after grinding away I would switch to my match betting and continue to work into the evening.


The idea of sitting and playing 6000 hands used to not only scare the shit out of me, but also bore me. Now I am getting to a point where all the work and effort that I have put in is starting to pay off that it just makes sense to up my game and grind a lot harder.


Goodbye England


And so here it comes. Everything I have been working towards is about to be put fully to the test. For this will be the last month that I write the monthly roundup from the comfort of my own home.


India beckons.


I am not going there to travel, I am not going there to sunbath or party hard every night. I am going there to work. And work really fucking hard.


If I can survive in a country on the back of my poker and match betting winnings then that really opens up my entire life. The harder I work, the better I get, the bigger stakes I can reach, the more money I can earn, and ultimately, try and live the life that I want. I haven’t set an alarm in absolute months and I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon (that’s not to say I don’t wake up early but more to the point that I prefer to wake up to my natural body clock).

I will be doing a more in depth post about my up and coming adventure to India including why I chose it and the budget I have set myself. Keep an eye out for that one!


In the meantime,


Keep it +EV!  


(I am going to start posting these again after stopping due to not wanting to focus on results and because of using some funds to match bet)


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