Monthly Roundup – April

Board Games Poker

I will forever remember this month as the month where I hardly played a hand of poker. It wasn’t what I had planned at the beginning of April and it certainly will not be the way I head into May but it is what it is and I will have to take away important lessons for the future.


All is not so bleak as it seems though, infact after getting in at a ridiculous time last night after yet another board gaming session, I had time to reflect on what was actually a very rewarding and proactive month. While the poker took a dramatic hit, I made achievements in a couple of other areas in my life. Most of you will know that I am currently undergoing croupier training and by the end of next week I should be a verified croupier with a 5 year gambling licence.  It is not exactly the way in which I want my career to go but still nothing to snort at and it will certainly look decent on my CV, plus it has been a really interesting and exciting course which has made me understand how casinos operate and the measures they go to make sure they remain profitable.


roulette poker

Learning Picture Bets For Roulette

What most of you may not know is that I have also been volunteering at a local Food Cycle charity every Friday for the past few months. We take in food that would otherwise be thrown away, make up random meals and then serve them to anybody that wishes to come down to see a real community project in action. The meals are also free. Over the last few months I haven’t really done anything too special, mainly turning up, chopping some vegetables and help setting up for service. I have also had the pleasure in meeting a whole range of different people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. Students from Japan, to old ladies from Italy. Not to mention the difference in people who use the service, from the homeless, to addicts, students, hippies and your average joe’s. I once got chatting to a human rights lawyer who had studied at Oxford but chose to help others rather than cash in. It really is a big mix of all walks of life and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time helping out for a few hours every week. That is why I was extremely proud to be offered a position of ‘Hub Leader’. I have never received any form of promotion at any of my previous jobs, and nor should I have. Caring about my jobs has always been a bit of a hindrance and so I was always happy to settle in lower positions and relay my classic mantra ‘minimum wage, minimum effort’. But Food Cycle was different. I cared about helping people out and providing something to the wider community. Some of that clearly comes from a selfish place of wanting to make myself feel better, but it also came from a genuine need to at least partake is something that wasn’t solely based on my needs or wants. Food Cycle was a perfect fit.


food cycle charity

Food Cycle Dining Hall

This month I also discovered a huge passion for board games. This passion didn’t come completely randomly since I used to collect Monopoly’s as a child but it did hit me hard and it hit me fast. It all started with me being invited to partake in a game of Risk:Legacy and I simply have not stopped talking, playing and researching board games ever since. It really is no surprise since a lot of the strategies and emotions involved in certain games are the exact same things you have to deal with in poker. Variance (dice rolling for example), planning ahead and tilt (getting angry) all come into play while playing a decent board game. Another integral part, and probably the most important, is the simple socialising that occurs while playing a game. Hanging out with friends is always good, but having a set purpose, a little competition and dishing out some of that well timed banter is also a great laugh (and sometimes a great fit of rage). I will be writing a more in depth blog about my board gaming ‘ambitions’ in a future post but for now just take my word for it that this passion of mine won’t be going away anytime soon.


Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

And that’s it for my month. Poker was very very limited, but everything else seemed to head in decent direction. Much improvements will be made in May but I should be saying something similar to that every month.


End of Month Stats

Total Hands: 13,197

Net Won USD: + $16.59

StarCoin Purchase: $10 for 1,000 StarCoins

Biggest Winner: $31.86 with JJ and flopping a set

Biggest Loser: $29.61 with AQs (getting it in with a pair and nut flush draw)




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