Guess Who’s Back?

Cycle Trip Norwich


I’m back again folks! After a 3000 mile round trip to Italy on a bicycle, a couple of festivals and generally just sorting out my life again, I can safely say that I am ready to get stuck back in.


Things will certainly be a bit different this time around. For starters I decided to switch-over to Party Poker from Pokerstars. While the latter’s lacklustre rewards programs seems to be shrouded in mystery, Party Poker offers a very simple rakeback program. Ultimately I thought switching was the most +EV decision for the long run. Another BIG change is that I’ve had to bite the bullet and get myself one of those real jobs. I vowed a couple of years ago to never have to do that again but that was naivety at its best. So I’ve had to swallow my pride and jump on the nearest shitty job I can just to gather some funds for my next big adventure… 




Cycle to Pompei

This is NOT Vegas

Now this one came totally out of the blue but in my heart of hearts I never really had much of choice. My favourite band of all time have reformed their previous band/orchestra and are playing some exclusive shows in America. One thing led to another and suddenly me and a few mates are heading over to the States for our big 30th birthday shindig. Vegas included!


Now I have to pay for this trip somehow and I simply couldn’t save enough money through poker in the time frame to make it work, my income support would also not be enough so out into the world of work I will venture. And that’s fine. For now. 


All these shenanigans have basically forced my hand, excuse the pun, and I now have my rough 2 year plan in place once again. As well as starting full time work and saving for the America trip, I will play 6-max ‘fastforward’ poker on Party Poker on the side and look to build up my bankroll from £250 to whatever I can. My poker balance will then be withdrawn come Vegas time and will exclusively be my poker/gambling fund. Here’s hoping for a nice score! 


Monaco Casino

The World Famous Casino – Monaco

Post America I will once again return to the world of work and just try to bank as much as possible until my inevitable wanderlust takes hold and I will then fly to India/Nepal/Sri Lanka and work hard at my poker over in another, cheap, continent. Bare in mind that this doesn’t take into consideration that Canada/New Zealand are countries I would love to visit and my time to apply for working holiday visas is running short (turning 30 doesn’t sound so much fun now!).


And there we have it! I’ll be posting some more blogs about my cycle trip, my poker and all that juicy stuff over the coming weeks. And look out for the next instalment of The Monthly Roundup!

Good to back people!




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